9 Most Common Dreams and There Meaning

9 Most Common Dreams and There Meaning

Dreams about flying, showing up to school or work with no pants, and being chased occur so often that they are almost clichéd.

Despite how normal they seem, these dreams may be your mind’s way of sending you a message. The following dream interpretations may help enlighten you on what message your subconscious is trying to relay.


Being Chased
The sensation of being chased while dreaming could mean that you feel threatened of what is chasing you. It is important to know who or what is chasing you and how that could be symbolic to your life.

If you are being chased but can’t run as fast as you want, this could represent the lack the self-esteem or confidence needed to achieve your goals.


There are several ways death can be present in a dream. It may represent a symbolic end or “death” to something, but it does not by any means signify an actual imminent death. To dream you have died could represent that you are experiencing major changes in your life.

By contrast, it may also be a symbolic meaning that a person or relationship is depressing or hindering you. Dreaming of a loved one dying means they provide a quality you lack in your relationships. It may also signify that person is no longer a part of your life.


Feeling frightened while falling in your dream suggests that you have no support or control over a problem in your life.

You may be feeling disappointed for not achieving your goals. Falling backwards in your dream symbolizes you have stopped yourself from making a bad decision or that you are not ready for something.

If you have no fear or anxiety while falling, this indicates that you will easily push through your struggles.



Dreaming that you are naked suggests you are afraid of being exposed. Trying to cover up yourself in the dream could mean that you are attempting to hide your vulnerability.




The meaning behind a dream where you are flying could mean various things depending on the height, speed, and direction. To dream about peacefully gliding through the air represents a sense of control and direction in your waking life.

Being capable of flying represents liberty and freedom which promises an escape from external stressors and struggles. While flying in your dreams is usually a pleasant experience, having anxiety while flying implies that you fear change.

Tests/ Testing

Taking a test in a dream could relate to being evaluated on something in your life. Similar to real life, not knowing the answers might make you feel nervous.

You are most likely worried about an upcoming interview or exam which you feel unprepared for and incompetent. Lacking confidence and having a fear or failure is often the root to most test-taking dreams.

Falling Teeth

The implication of this common dream is often debated. Falling teeth may be affiliated with vanity, communication, embarrassment, powerlessness, health, death, money, or deception.

Whichever topic most applies to your life is something you would know best. There are various theories and legends that suggest what this dream could mean.

Researchers have found that this dream occurs more frequently the older you get, which could suggest fear and anxiety about aging.


Dreams about cheating are often so alarming and discomforting that you continue to feel betrayed by your partner when you wake up. Despite the vividness of the dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating on you.

Other problems such as feeling neglected or self-conscious in your relationship often lead to these dreams. Having trust issues or a fear of abandonment also factor into why this dream occurs. Sometimes, although it is very seldom, this dream might reveal that your partner is actually cheating on you and your subconscious is communicating the hints and indications it has picked up on.

Being the cheater in such dream could refer to another area in the relationship where you could be mentally or emotionally “cheating”. It does not automatically mean that you are seeking another partner or relationship, however if could signify the desire for something that you feel is missing in your relationship.

Dreams are so mysterious and enigmatic that it is difficult to understand their purpose. While finding deep significance in dreams is interesting, it is important to remember how little information there is on dreams and the subconscious.

We must keep in mind that our dreams are, in fact, just dreams and we mustn’t put too much emphasis on them.


What have you been dreaming about lately ?


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