About Pono, the Islander!

About Pono F. The Hawaiian Blogger

First of all, thank you for visiting my site!

I am an Islander from Hawaii. More specifically from Honolulu.

Hawaii is a place that a ton of people come to relax because it is a famous tourist location for travel. This is a place I like to call home. I am sure many others would like this to be a place they can call home too. Whether it may be just a fantasy or you are actually taking the steps needed to move to Hawaii, I congratulate you !

I created this blog so that I can help those like you make your dreams come true and move to Hawaii! This island is calling your name! Here in the blog I include everyday tips and tricks that you can do and use to make your life better.

With less stress in your life you are on your way to living life like an Islander like me! All the tips and trick I mention in this blog are to help you live a stress-free life.

Thanks for visiting! If you would like to contact me please visit my contact page.

Pono. F.


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