Why technology isn’t good for our stress levels.

It has been found out that being online can make someone depressed.

Nowadays everyone is on the internet, especially social media. There are people that cannot live without social media. Many surveys have shown that internet addicts have a positive correlation with the number of hours on the web and their feelings for sadness, isolation, depression, and alienation. The internet doubles the chances of a person being depressed.

When you communicate in person you are saying what you truly feel right at that moment. When you socialize over phone there is a part of sarcasm or sincerity that it hidden within. It has been found that when you have a lot of friends on facebook that you will be even sadder. Your stress level will be really really high. You will have issues with your real life relationships. So if you really care about social media you should consider holding back a little bit. Stop living life through your phone and start living it in front of you face. Start talking and meeting new people and new opportunities.



The internet has given us the ability to jump from task to task. We makes these jumps about every two minutes. Muli-tasking refers to getting caught in mental doldrums between interrupting and restarting. Multi-tasking, in a sense, can reduce one’s ability to pay attention at all. This reduces the ability to truly think critically and problem solve. Your ability to recall memories starts to deteriorate, studies have shown. You IQ also reduces. The more you mulit-task the more you are harming your brain. The greater the cognitive damage becomes and the harder it is for you to recover. The mostly begins in childhood.

The internet continues to take over your brain. It needs to be handy for you at all times. Social media sites are the setting standard for digital nicotine. They do the right things to get the users to come back every day. It makes you want to do it again and again, until you do not even know what hit you. However, you will do everything in your power to feel that way one more time. This is called addiction.

It might be as damaging as hard core drugs, but it does damage the memory part to your brain. So maybe limit your time online may be better.

The keyword here is moderation.

Check this: http://www.webmd.com/depression/news/20100802/internet-overuse-may-cause-depression

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